The IPFS community is as decentralized and distributed as IPFS itself. Our community members are globally located, active both online and in person, and use IPFS in countless different ways. You can learn about meetings, events, apps people are building, and more with the resources listed here.

Discussion/Support Forum

Join the conversation on the IPFS Forums for everything from technical questions, project brainstorming, talk on IPFS use cases and more.

Research Discussion

The IPFS Collaborative Notebook for Research repo tracks discussions on topics related to IPFS research, ideas and proposals for new systems/features, and other items that haven’t yet been tracked into a specific project.

Events Calendar

Find all of the open community video calls for the IPFS project in the IPFS Community events calendar.

Community Tools

Join the discussion and documentation on IPFS community practices in the community tools repo. If you want to start or get involved with a community chapter to help expand IPFS awareness in your local geographical or online community, here’s where to look.

Project Management

Keep abreast of IPFS team planning, management and coordination issues in the IPFS team management repo.


Explore the latest news, events and other happenings in the IPFS multiverse on the official

IPFS YouTube channel

The IPFS YouTube channel is home to a wealth of information about the IPFS project — everything from IPFS Camp course content to working group meeting archives — so you can explore playlists and subscribe to ones that interest and inform you.


Get your IPFS news in tweet-sized bites. Follow these accounts for the latest:

Community projects on Awesome IPFS

Get inspired by Awesome IPFS, a catalog of community-built projects using IPFS for everything from image sharing to decentralized archiving. Have a project of your own to add to Awesome IPFS? Make a PR in the repo!

Public archives on IPFS

Curious about what public datasets are available on IPFS for you to play with? There’s a section on Awesome IPFS dedicated to just that.

Forum FAQ Archive

We’re in the midst of migrating frequently-asked questions from the IPFS forum archives into our primary FAQ, but in the meantime, you can find them in the forums.