# Install IPFS

We're glad you're interested in giving IPFS a try! There are a lot of different ways to install and use IPFS — the best way to find the right one for you is first to consider what you want to accomplish or try out with IPFS. Take a look at the guide below to find the flavor of IPFS that's best for your needs.

# Quick-start

Are you a developer looking to test-drive IPFS for your needs? Follow our quick-start guide to install our reference implementation and get up and running ASAP!

# Integrate IPFS into your app

Want to enhance your app with IPFS superpowers? Install the Go or JavaScript implementations of IPFS and get building.

# Install go-ipfs

Go developers, this reference implementation of IPFS is for you. Install go-ipfs now.

# Install js-ipfs

Building for the browser or JavaScript-driven frameworks like Electron? Bake in IPFS goodness with the JS implementation. Install js-ipfs now.

# Host and share files on your own

Want to get your own IPFS node running without messing with the command line? Try the IPFS desktop app.

# Install IPFS Desktop

IPFS Desktop enables you to host and share files directly from your computer with an easy-to-use interface — no programming required. And when you're ready to dig deeper, it also includes the same toolset you get if you'd installed directly from the command line. Learn more about IPFS Desktop, or download it for your OS and give it a spin:

# Give your web browsing decentralized superpowers

Want to connect your browser with your local IPFS node? Try the IPFS Companion browser extension.

# Install IPFS Companion

IPFS Companion is a browser extension that enables you to request and use content delivered from IPFS, just like any other content in your browser. Learn more about IPFS Companion, or try it out in your favorite browser:

# Host and share files at scale

If you're interested in running IPFS for or with others, particularly at scale, IPFS Cluster is for you.

# Install IPFS Cluster

IPFS Cluster enables you to coordinate and orchestrate data across a "swarm" of multiple IPFS nodes. This makes it possible to distribute large data sets and pin data across peers to ensure redundancy and availability. It's useful for data sharing in academic and archival institutions or anyone engaged in a big-data endeavor. Install IPFS Cluster now