# Welcome to the IPFS docs

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a set of composable, peer-to-peer protocols for addressing, routing, and transferring content-addressed data in a decentralized file system. Many popular Web3 projects are built on IPFS - see the ecosystem directory (opens new window) for a list of some of these projects.

While IPFS is a file system, it is not a storage system. Instead, IPFS can be thought of as both the protocol implementations of IPFS (such as Kubo) and as the decentralized network comprised of the individual nodes that are running protocol implementations.

# Get started

Check out these docs to get started with IPFS:

TL;DR? Glossary provides short definitions of IPFS terms and concepts.

# Download IPFS tools

These tools can help you use and build on IPFS more quickly and efficiently — give them a try today!

Browser Companion (opens new window) IPFS Desktop (opens new window) IPLD Explorer (opens new window)
The IPFS browser companion in Firefox. The IPFS desktop app running on MacOS with the status tab open. The IPLD Explorer homepage.

# Host your website on IPFS

Protect yourself from single-point-of-failure risks and benefit from decentralized infrastructure by hosting your static website using IPFS. If you're new to IPFS, this is an excellent place to start learning how to build on the decentralized web.

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# Learn about the decentralized web

Want to know more about the decentralized web (DWeb) and how it's changing the internet? These resources will give you a clearer understanding of the DWeb movement, and how it's improving the world:

See more guides in the Concepts section →

ProtoSchool's self-guided interactive tutorials (opens new window) are designed to introduce you to decentralized web concepts, protocols, and tools. Explore JS-IPFS APIs by completing browser-based coding challenges in ProtoSchool's IPFS course (opens new window), or explore code-free intros to essential DWeb concepts and related projects in the IPFS ecosystem.

# See what others are building

Are you looking for inspiration? You can find a huge collection of awesome community projects over at Awesome IPFS.

Check out Awesome IPFS now → (opens new window)

The Awesome IPFS homepage.

# Be part of the IPFS community

IPFS has a bustling community of designers, developers, writers, and activists who are all helping to improve the project. You can join in by attending a local meetup, helping out at a conference, chatting online through Discord (opens new window), or joining a discussion in the IPFS forum (opens new window).

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