# Update procedure

There are two ways to update your IPFS installation. Using ipfs-update is generally the best and easiest option. You can also update manually.

# Use ipfs-update

ipfs-update is a CLI tool to help update and install IPFS easily. You can download it from dist.ipfs.io (opens new window).

  1. Make sure you have ipfs-update installed:

    ipfs-update --version
    > ipfs-update version 1.6.0
  2. Tell ipfs-update to update to Go-IPFS 0.7.0:

    ipfs-update install 0.7.0
    > Installation complete!
  3. That's it!

# Manual process

If you don't have IPFS Update installed, you can follow these steps. This section assumes you are updating on a 64-bit macOS machine.

  1. Download go-ipfs_v0.7.0_darwin-amd64.tar.gz from GitHub from the Go-IPFS releases page (opens new window).

    wget https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/releases/download/v0.7.0/go-ipfs_v0.7.0_darwin-amd64.tar.gz
  2. Unzip the file:

    tar -xvzf go-ipfs_v0.7.0_darwin-amd64.tar.gz
    > x go-ipfs/install.sh
    > x go-ipfs/ipfs
    > x go-ipfs/LICENSE
    > x go-ipfs/LICENSE-APACHE
    > x go-ipfs/LICENSE-MIT
    > x go-ipfs/README.md
  3. Move into the go-ipfs folder and run the install script:

    bash install.sh
    > Moved ./ipfs to /usr/local/bin
  4. Run the IPFS daemon. It will ask you to run the migrations:

    ipfs daemon
    > Initializing daemon...
    > go-ipfs version: 0.7.0
    > Repo version: 9
    > System version: amd64/linux
    > Golang version: go1.13.8
    > Found outdated fs-repo, migrations need to be run.
    > Run migrations now? [y/N]
  5. Enter y and press enter. Once the migrations have finished, the daemon will start:

    >     => Looking for suitable fs-repo-migrations binary.
    >     => None found, downloading.
    >     => Running: /tmp/go-ipfs-migrate751318189/fs-repo-migrations -to 9 -y
    > Found fs-repo version 7 at /home/vagrant/.ipfs
    > ===> Running migration 7 to 8...
    > ...
    > Daemon is ready
  6. Press CTRL + c to close the daemon.

  7. Check that the latest version of IPFS installed properly:

    ipfs --version
    > ipfs version 0.7.0
  8. That's it!